Utilise Every Advantage To Reach Your Peak Wealth Potential.

Effective Strategies That Lead To Even Greater Opportunities

An effective long-term, wealth-building, strategy utilises the best opportunities available to you at the time.

As you achieve certain wealth milestones, more effective options may become available to you.

Work smarter by utilising the best tools and strategies available, so you can get to the next level faster.

Once you surpass your current wealth threshold, you can move into options that might have higher, fixed, more secured returns, lower, or fixed fees.

As your wealth truly prospers, then we can utilise more tax-effective options and leverage your success for even greater results.

Wealth is not luck. It is constantly adapting with the best options at the right phase.

To help you achieve a lifetime of wealth accumulation, let us help you identify & execute the most appropriate and effective options available to you now.

Smarter Strategies At Every Level.

Financial Education

When it comes to beginning your wealth accumulation journey, it’s very important to get sound advice. We don’t know what we don’t know. We want to know, how well you are really doing compared with other options you have not been informed of yet.

Education can come from self-study. To fast-track your progress, get guidance on saving, budgeting, debt reduction, and the best wealth-building options available to you now.


Superannuation - Retail Level

Don’t just put your money into a standard superfund, and hope for the best. Many superfunds simply have bulk investment options, meaning you are grouped into the same slow-moving, cookie-cutter approach as everyone else.

Our advisors have access to more direct platforms, that offer highly customisable investment options. More direct access can cut out layers of fees, and allow you into more monitored and adaptable options.

At Apex, we offer a free assessment. We present the advice upfront, so you can see potential benefits before committing to any change.

Self-Directed Super Funds

Self directed super funds (SDSF) have all the benefits of self managed super fund (SMSF), but we take care of all the admin and compliance for you.

Once your super has reached a certain threshold, you can gain access to another level of amazing opportunities. The comparative opportunities can be so attractive that some couples combine their super to gain access earlier. This allows them to have one fixed fee between them. Apex can offer exclusive access to guaranteed fixed-return funds, backed by real assets, with returns from 10% to 24% p.a.

We also know all the best strategies for buying a property in an SDSF. We know the most tax-effective and profitable structures. Most importantly, we can show you the best way to borrow, and how to best invest based on your criteria.

Want to find out if an SDSF is right for you? Book a free online benefit comparison and education session.


Purchasing Your First Home

Buying your first home can be a long-term investment, therefore it should be based on a long-term strategy. Buying property is a science. It involves location, timing, and effectively predicting its potential future value. Make sure your loan is within your means, and is going to work with your long-term strategy.

Through intelligent accounting and banking options, properties can be paid off drastically faster. Your equity can also be used to further leverage your wealth-building potential and redirect your tax into your wealth.

Apex has the know-how and the partners to show you how to get there faster.

Purchasing An Investment Property

Property has been the favorite choice for Australian investors for a good reason. Property appreciates, protecting your investments against inflation, providing impressive returns and regular cash returns to landlords. Your current property’s equity can be used as a deposit on an investment property, allowing you to redirect a large portion of your tax into the investment. The equity on your investment property can be used to offset your current mortgage, to pay it down faster.

Investment properties can also be purchased through an SMSF/SDSF. You can also purchase a commercial property, with the option to rent it out to your own business. At Apex, our advice always balances risk and reward, with the most effective structures to achieve your goals.


Guaranteed High Fixed-Returns - 10% to 24% p.a

With the unpredictability of world markets, it can be very hard to estimate your potential outcomes. Years of accumulation can vanish due to unforeseen circumstances.

Apex offers smart investors the opportunity for guaranteed fixed-returns that are asset or government-backed. We have access to opportunities with long-term performance results. far beyond what most Australians would consider possible.

Apex has secured exclusive access to many of the options due to long-term substantial business relationships. No fees-for-access, we simply wish to provide our clients with access to the best options possible.

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