About Apex Financial Planning

Apex Financial Planning was established to help everyday Australians take control of their savings and retirement planning. It is important to understand how your money is invested and the reasons why it’s invested that way. Rather than promoting a single solution, we have sought, identified and designed the best solutions we can, for people at different wealth-building stages. Many companies are happy to sell mediocre solutions. We know the more successful you are, the greater our success. We want to be your trusted, long-term advisers. We help you prosper and succeed at every level, by providing market leading solutions.

Meet Our Lead Financial Adviser

Sean Yeo CFP

Sean Yeo CFP® has been a financial adviser for eight years. In the last four years, he became a senior financial adviser, specialising in superannuation, self-managed super funds (SMSF), direct equities (domestic and international), insurances, debt management and retirement planning.

Prior to this, Sean has been a mortgage broker and personal banker since 2006.

With 14 years in financial services, Sean has seen how clients have had their situations change in an instant, and has aided them in overcoming financial obstacles.

Having worked under small (AMPFP) and large (BT Advice) financial planning firms, he holds a prime position to lead our clients towards their financial objectives.

Our Professional Team Has You Covered

Retirement Planning

As they say: “fail to plan, plan to fail”. An effective, long-term, plan can make a significant difference to your outcome. The sooner you start, the greater your wealth potential. Apex has a professional team of financial planners, financial advisers, superannuation experts, property experts and paraplanners . We can show you that making small strategic changes now, can make a significant difference over time.


Is insurance important? Well, ask yourself this question:  if things went bad and you did not have insurance, how would you cope? Insurance is the backup plan that nobody wants to need, but must have in times of crisis. Apex can help you select the right insurance, so you are covered for what matters most.

Debt Management

People can get into debt for a lot of different reasons. The first rule of managing debt is to stop digging the hole deeper. Apex’s licensed financial planners can formulate an effective strategy, within your means, to help you get on top of your debt. Overcoming debt does not mean a lower quality of life. It simply means prioritising what’s important and working towards goals that will help you stay on track.


The key to building real wealth is to multiply your money. With high inflation, and volatile world conditions, finding effective strategies can be difficult. Apex finds the types of investments that deliver the results people are seeking, with the assurance they need. Apex can assist you with direct investments, superannuation, self-managed super funds, guaranteed fixed high return investments, property investments, and much, much more.

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