Most people have never looked into their insurances to truly assess the effectiveness of their cover. The majority of Australians only have default insurances in their super. Because they are a general product, they simply provide general cover. To get the very best value and cover, your insurances should be tailored, to cover what is most important to you.

Underwritten Insurances

Insurance you can trust

Underwriting is the process of analysing risks to determine which insurance company and products are suitable for the individual, and at which price. Without identifying your unique risks and health factors, how can you be confident that your insurance will even cover you? If you are not covered, then you are literally paying for insurances that do not cover you.

Once we have identified all relevant insurance factors, we will know which insurer will provide you with the best cover. We can also make sure the level of cover will be adequate to service you in the event of a crisis. Take comfort in the fact that you and your family have tailored insurances to cover your greatest vulnerabilities, at the level you require. Underwritten insurance covers you under more personalised and specific criteria.

If you were given default insurance, then how do you know if you are truly insured?

Apex conducts a detailed assessment and provides you with the best-tailored options, selected from the most appropriate insurers available.

All The Insurance You Need

Life Insurance

When the unforeseen happens and you leave the world before your time, life insurance takes care of the people you left behind. Life insurance pays a large sum amount to your chosen beneficiaries as a result of death. Apex can help you choose the right level of cover with the most suitable protection.

Income Protection

Income protection insurance can provide you with 75% – 85% of your income in the event of not being able to work. The terms and level of cover depends on the insurance policy. Income insurance only covers injury or illness. Getting adequate cover can be highly specialised in certain industries, based on risks.

Total Permanent Disability

TPD insurance covers you in the event of an injury or illness that has prevented you from working in your area of employment. For example: a builder who has injured his back and can no longer perform manual labour due to the injury. TPD could pay the builder a large sum if he was unable to perform in that line of work again.


In the event that you cannot work for a period of time due to injury or illness, trauma insurance can pay a lump sum to cover this interval. This insurance is designed to cover you until you get back on your feet, unlike TPD, which is based on you never being able to do the job again.

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