All superfunds are not created equal. Over years of investment, the rate of fees, returns, and consistency, can make a substantial difference to your retirement balance. Apex considers all relevant factors very carefully. Our specialist advisers have their finger on the pulse of the industry. You get no flashing adverts promoting a particular superfund with Apex, we make recommendations based on fees, performance and exposure to risk. We want to show people what a difference tailored strategies can make. Especially when you customise your portfolio and lower your fees through more direct platforms.

Take Your Superannuation To The Next Level

What optimised super really looks like

An optimised superfund investment portfolio should not only be based on managing risk, it should also be based on wealth accumulation goals. Risk can be managed with many different approaches that may allow more wealth-building potential.

Examples might be: more diversification, more secured or guaranteed fixed returns, more adaptive, and shorter or longer-term investments (depending on the investment). In times of high inflation, you might choose to invest more into assets or commodities, as they tend to keep their value better with inflation.

Your goal might be for short-term investment options (with higher gains) so you can then qualifiy for more attractive investment options, that are not currently within your means at this time. At Apex the plan is always to keep moving you towards an even better position, that has the best potential for higher returns and less risk.

Putting Super Into Superannuation

Optimised Retail & Industry Funds

Rather than staying with the same slow-moving generic approach of large managed funds, we can assess and optimise your portfolio with potentially more dynamic growth-based investments. Increasing your returns by a few percentage points could potentially add hundreds of thousands to your retirement balance.

Talk is cheap, that is why we present the advice upfront with no obligation, so you can judge the potential benefits before proceeding.

Sole Managed Accounts

Sole Managed Accounts (SMA) are unique platforms that allow our advisers access to over 5000 investment options including wholesale and professionally managed funds. The platforms allow more direct access to investments, so you can cut out middlemen and layers of fees. Professionally managed funds tend to be more proactive in their management while wholesale funds mean potentially getting a larger portion of the profit. Our specialists are well versed in the best investments on these platforms. They can select and tailor the most suitable options, based on your goals and affinity to risk.

Self Managed Super Funds / Self Directed Super Funds

Self managed super funds (SMSF) allow partners to combine their super with one reasonable, fixed fee. Through our service, all the administration and compliance is done for you. With the online portal you have total oversight.  The investment options within SMSFs are vast. Often with far more attractive options, including property investment. Apex has sourced and gained access to some incredibly attractive options to help our clients succeed. This includes guaranteed fixed high returns from 10%, to as high as 24% p.a., including government and asset-backed investments. Self managed also comes with many great tax benefits that come with this model.

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